110 Collective x manifest present

Groove garden feat rpdm + andre marc

6th august 2022, saturday | 8pm till 2am

We're back with another episode of Groove Garden with RPDM and Andre Marc paving the way., and we're moving  the party to the larger 110 Collective at 110 Turf Club Road, because why not right? 


Come dressed in florals and we'll give you a shot on us, as always!



Location: 110 Collective, 110 Turf Club 288000

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mantravine x manifest present

tribal freqs

13th august 2022, saturday | 8pm till 2am


Farhan [Trumpets and Keyboards]

Rupak [Beat Master on Ableton]

Isuru [Double Neck Guitar] and Jalpari on the decks.


$35 inc a Complimentary Drink 

Location: 110 Collective, 110 Turf Club 288000


A collaboration for the ages, giving you an arresting Mantravine concert blended in with an ethnic and afrohouse DJ set. Samiksha a.k.a Jalpari and Mantravine unite at the 110 Collective to melt tribal dance music with live instruments. Beware that the music is not commercial, can cause primitive dance moves and invoke intense feelings of positive vibrations.

Visuals by Mischief Makers and quality Funktion One sound by Rebel Decibel.

cafe tailor made x manifest present

dirty tech series feat Scott m + shane||naz + Ayano

20th august 2022, saturday | 8pm till 2am

What's in the water at the EAST SIDE?! It's doing something alright. #eastsiderepresent

Dirty dirty dirty techno once more and we're switching it up back to Cafe Tailor Made where it all began. 


Scott M [Joo Chiat]

Shane||Naz [Changi]

Ayano a.k.a Aya [Katong]

$20 Entry

Location: Cafe Tailor Made, 100 Turf Club 287992

This is a rain or shine event




Adhering to the current restrictions, please be aware of the rules, failure to do so, will result in escorting off the premises and a permanent ban from the Manifest events. (Please remember that the entertainment industry livelihoods are at stake, so don’t be that person)

Tickets are strictly non refundable and non transferrable.