Smoky Quartz +Citrine

  • A gorgeous natural blend of Smoky Quartz and Citrine - Yellow citrine with bands of smoky brown.




    Smoky Quartz, a grounding and protective Root Chakra Stone transmutes negative energies and purifies the aura. This powerful beauty absorbs energies that the body cannot take or hold on it’s own.

    It is an anchor to the natural world, again making it a premier stone for meditation. Smoky Quartz facilitates grounding of spiritual information to help one understand, receive, and integrate messages received during deep meditation.



    Citrine is a sunny Solar Plexus Stone that is known as the Merchants Stone. All things abundance, manifestation, money magic (ayeee!) Offering mental clarity and attracting prosperity, this beauty transforms your existing energy with a vibrant expansive power.

    It activates the Solar Plexus increasing your levels of empowerment, self esteem, confidence and creativity.

    Use this to recognise your shining true potential.


    I place this on my work station, and whichever helps me make some cheddar (money corners!)

  • A - 50gm

    B - 62gm

    C - 91gm

    D - 92gm