Smoky Quartz + Amethyst

  • Smoky Quartz

    It is a talisman for the Root Chakra, which is an anchor to the natural world, again making it a premier stone for meditation. Smoky Quartz facilitates grounding of spiritual information to help one understand, receive, and integrate messages received during deep meditation.

    Having the ability to transform and remove negative energy, Smoky Quartz also protects and cleanses the aura.



    Carrying a sweet, high energy, it encourages spiritual expansion while clearing & strengthening the auric fields. Because it is such a high vibration stone, healing, clearing & protecting ones fields, it is said to protect & ward off lower frequency vibrations.

  • A - 15gm, 1.8 inches

    B - 20gm, 2.4 inches

    C - 29gm, 2.7 inches

    D - 53gm, 2.9 inches