• Apart from being SEXY AF, Sardonyx a stone of protection and strength. 

    They come in variations of black, red, brown, clear, milky beige, and each have their own attributes.


    Black Sardonyx  - Absorbs negativity.

    Brown Sardonyx - Grounds energy.

    Clear Sardonyx - Purifies.

    Orange/Red Sardonyx - Stimulates.


    Said to attract the right friends and good fortune (I think having the right friends, is the best fortune one can ask for)

    It’s other aids include;


    • Virtuous conduct and integrity
    • Lasting happiness and stability to partnerships
    • Supplements willpower and strengthens character
    • Alleviates depression and overcomes hesitancy
    • Improves perception


    I could soak in a bathtub of these!

  • A - 101gm, Orange, Black and Grey bands

    B - 97gm, Orange, Black and White bands

    C - 60gm, Dark Grey and White bands

    D - 78gm, Orange, Black and White bands

    E - 77gm, Black and White Bands