Labradorite Palm Stone

  • As if Van Gogh dipped his paintbrush into this while creating Starry Night, this beauty is sheer bliss to look at. 


    A stone of Transformation, with reflecting lights of blue, silver, yellow, green and grey with gold flashes, it encourages the changes needed in your life and around you. 


    Also known as the Magic Stone, it’s a magical protector as well as bringing out the best in people (bring it to work to encourage good workplace relationships), and tempering the negative sides of our personalities. 


    Hold it in your palm for sense of calm and good change to come. 

  • A - Rainbow with Rare Purple Flash

    B - Rainbow with Rare Purple Flash

    C - Rainbow with Rare Purple Flash

    D - Indigo with Celadon Flash

    E - Gold Flash

    F - Celadon with Gold and Indigo Flash

    G - Indigo with Celadon and Gold Flash 


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