Azurite Malachite

  • Azurite Malachite


    Azurite’s rich and deep blues and Malachite’s deep green. Did you know that paint is actually made from these too?

    This stone will improve your intuition, and remove blockages from getting you the life that you desire.

    Sounds perfect, no? Wait, there’s more!


    It’s a very welcoming energy which uplifts your energy while calming anxiety.

    It will pushes you to take take action in your life, but also allowing changes that need to happen.


    Our favourite part is that it’s been known to expel trauma from the body by placing a piece on the area that needs it, be it emotional or physical, we’ve been told.


    Next up, abundance and wealth.


    It has been known to bring fortune (yay!) and transforms things to aid you in solving financial problems. Known as the stone of the businessman, legend has it that this stone will change things for the better in a business especially when finances aren’t doing so well.


    We place a piece in our money bowl for luck, give it a try.


    We left the earth remnants on our pieces as we truly believe that gives it that extra boost of power, but feel free to rinse if off if you’d like.


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