11:11 Kit

  • 11 crystals bundle


    You might keep seeing 11:11 all the time, on clocks, on billboards, but rather than tell you what we thing it is, how about you do a little research on what it might mean to you :)


    Comes with velvet pouch so you can pick and choose which stones you want to bring out with you!


    Each crystal comes to 1=$6.18 (Hello, Golden Ratio! 1.618) 



    • Green Aventurine - Stone of Luck, Abundance and Success. 
    • Amethyst - O.G Stone, Relieves Stress. Dissolves Negativity, Dispels anger, fear, rage and anxiety. Aids Sleep 
    • Onyx - Protection Stone, Absorbs negativity and Brings Happiness and Luck
    • Rose Quartz - Promotes all forms of LOVE, Heals the Heart, Encourages Self Love
    • Tigers Eye - Promotes Focus and Clarity, Grounding Stone, Attracts Good Luck
    • Lapis Lazuli - Harmonises Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit, Promotes Harmony
    • Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Amplifies energies of other Crytals 
    • Pyrite - Protection Stone, Abundance and Financial Luck stone 
    • Orange Jasper - Balances Vibrations and Protects against things that are not good for you, balances and aligns chakras
    • Green Rutilated Quartz - Protects from Negative Energies, Identifies your Purpose in Life, Guides you in the Right Direction
    • Citrine - Manifestation and Abundance Stone, Aids Creativity and dispels sluggishness. 


    *Limited Quantities Available

  • Each Crystal is approx 2-3cm LxW

    Please know that no 2 crystals will be alike, and some kits might have stones that are slighltly larger or smaller than others.

    We try our best to keep it as uniform as we can though!